Dr. Somenath Chatterjee

Professor and Head, Center for Materials Science and NanoTechnology (CMSNT)
Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology

Title: Primary Interface: Cell phone – Device Technology

Abstract: Mobile computing is a Man-machine interaction which involves software, hardware and mobile communication. The First generation (1G) cell phone was used with analog devices. Second generation (2G) cell phone was based on digital, and Third generation (3G) allows for multimedia facilities with 2G. Likewise, Fourth generation (4G) is being developed with the objective: speeds up to 50 times higher than of 3G.

A basic digital cell phone contains a few individual parts, which includes Circuit board, Antenna, Display unit and Battery....

Dr. Prasanta Chatterjee

Department of Mathematics, Siksha Bhavana, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan-731235, Birbhum, India

Title: Solitonic, periodic and chaotic structures in plasmas

Abstract: The nonlinear structures, like solitonic, periodic, quasiperiodic and chaotic structures are observed in different unmagnetized and magnetized plasma systems. Bifurcations of nonlinear traveling waves are presented through direct and perturbative approaches. Considering an external periodic perturbation, periodic, quasiperiodic and chaotic structures are presented. Depending on the collisional frequency, a dynamical transition is observed from quasiperiodic motion to limit cycle oscillation in collisional plasmas.

Dr. Subhasis Bhaumik

Professor & Coordinator - School of Mechatronics & Robotics
Indian Institute of Engineering Science & Technology, Shibpur

Title: Bio-Mechatronics, Bio-Robotics and Human Machine Interaction

Abstract: Mechatronics is a dynamic, multidisciplinary subject combining three engineering fields: mechanical, electrical and software engineering. This complex intermeshing of disciplines requires profound technical expertise. The presentation includes introduction in the demanding topics of mechatronics for generating product innovations. All the aspects of mechanical,  electronics and software  engineering to create and engineer...

Avik Bhattacharya

Industry Delegates
Ixia Technologies Private Limited, India

Title: Ethernet for Industrial Networks – Time Sensitive Networking

Abstract:  To take advantage of industrial automation for increasing efficiency in the next generation factory floors, the underlying networks must provide reliable and deterministic interconnections of machines and control systems. Ethernet has become the obvious choice for building these networks because...