Dr. Atma Sahu

Title: Advancing Computational Mathematics Research and Teaching by Grant Writing

Abstract: Computational methods and mathematical modeling is fundamental and essential in solving advance engineering and natural sciences problems in high priority areas where multidisciplinary and multi-institutional expertise is required. This presentation explore a research agenda with position of one or more areas of computational methods applications in elastic vibrations of beams and artificial intelligence (machine learning). Additionally, participants interested in genetic algorithms focused to generate high-quality solutions to optimization and search problems by relying on bio-inspired operators are in the research plans. Lastly, the presentation will conclude with a brief direction and pathway in designing and collaborating multidisciplinary and multi-institutional research fund opportunities with NSF, IUSSTF, DST, SERB, CSIR etc., are just a few national and international agencies sources, and explore suitable grants opportunities for start-up research and for using the scientific and industry expertise in collaborative team format. Interested proposals writing investigators from interdisciplinary areas to develop critical mathematical and computational techniques from modeling and algorithm development through execution are encouraged.

Biography: Dr. Atma Sahu currently serving as a Professor in Mathematics, Coppin State University , Baltimore MD USA. His research work areas include vibrations of elastic beams, computational mathematics and mathematical modeling. Additionally, he is well-recognized researcher in educational aspects of problem solving & systems approach, teacher education, online curriculum and instruction design in STEM fields, and online teaching and learning assessment pedagogy. He also consult with Dept of Defense, Dept of Education, University System Of Maryland institutions of higher Ed. Dr. Sahu has published numerous refereed research papers in US domestic and international journals. His professional attainment include Ph.D (Mathematics, IIT Roorkee India, formerly University of Roorkee), Ph.D(Math Ed, UMCP USA). He is a member of IEEE USA, AMS and NCTM. He can be reached: [email protected]

Professor of Mathematics, Coppin State University, Maryland 21216 USA